❓Do you know that up to 60% women who start on the contraceptive pills won’t be taking it six months later? Why?

In most cases it happens because of side effects (headaches, bloating, weight gain, breast pain, not having a regular period, unpredictable nuisance or «breakthrough» bleeding, nausea, depression, reduced libido).

There are other reasons:
• trying a different contraceptive option
• no longer needing contraception
• prefer natural cycles
• trying to get pregnant
• developing a medical condition where the pill is no longer safe.

❓When will ovulation and the natural cycle return after stopping the pills?

For many women, periods come back within a month of stopping the pill, with almost all women getting their period within three months. One-third of women may have irregular cycles and recovery of ovulation takes longer. You might experience heavier or longer periods.
The regularity of the menstrual cycle depends on age, proportion of height and weight, nutrition, amount of physical activity, medical conditions, medications, stress, lifestyle, and other factors.

The possibility of getting pregnant is usually restored within 3 months.

Hormonal contraception does not improve the chances of conceiving a child in the future, does not preserve the ovarian reserve, and does not stop the aging of the body and ovaries.