1. The external genital organs include the vulva, including the vestibule of the vagina, large and small labia, clitoris, pubis, opening of the urethra, hymen, Bartholin’s glands and opening of the vagina.
  2. The pubis with a fatty pad performs a protective function — with bumps, falls, especially on the front wall of the abdomen, the degree of injury to internal organs decreases.
  3. During intercourse, the pubis protects a woman and a man from traumatizing the genitals and pelvic bones.
  4. Hair growth of the pubis, as well as hair growth of the whole body, is determined by genetic and constitutional factors, and it is individual.
  5. The age of a woman does not affect the length of pubic hair — it does not change from the moment they appear. But the amount of pubic hair can increase with age.
  6. The labia majora are the same in origin and tissue structure as the male scrotum.
  7. The labia minora is the second “face” of a woman. The shape and color of the labia minora for each woman is individual and unique.
  8. The shades of the color of the labia minora can change during the woman’s life , as well as in some of  periods, for example, during pregnancy.
  9. The vulva of a woman, unlike the vagina, which is almost insensitive to pain, contains many nerve endings. These features are primarily associated with the function of reproduction of offspring.
  10. There are more than 100 different diseases, both «local»,  in the vulva, and general (diabetes mellitus, wolf’s lichen, psoriasis and others), accompanied by itching of the vulva.
  11. The skin of the perineum is the dirtiest part of a woman’s body, as discharge from the urethra, vagina, and anus accumulates on it.
  12. The clitoris is the sexual organ of all female mammals without exception, including women.
  13. The head of the clitoris contains 6,000 to 8,000 nerve endings — no other part of the body, both female and male, has so many nerve endings. By comparison, the clitoris has four times as many nerve endings as the glans penis.
  14. The size of the clitoris, contrary to popular belief, is the same for married and single women.
  15. The size of the clitoris also does not depend on sexual orientation — on average, they are the same for women living only with men, bisexual women, and lesbians.
  16. The hymen is located at the entrance to the vagina and is a section of the vaginal mucosa 0.5-2 mm thick, more often semilunar, or annular in shape — about 20 varieties of hymen forms are known.
  17. The congenital absence of the hymen is called hymen aplasia and is extremely rare.
  18. In adult girls (after 20–22 years), the hymen is elastic, the opening is of such a size that it allows  to insert a hygienic tampon into the vagina without difficulty.
  19. Defloration, or damage to the hymen during intercourse, may be accompanied by pain, but with the right preparation of a woman, especially when she is well aroused, it goes away without pain, and in half the cases — without spotting.
  20. You can lose your virginity during masturbation using objects, with the insertion of several fingers into the vagina, very rarely — during intense sports activities associated with sudden movements, frequent falls, injuries to the perineum.