In 1946, WHO adopted the definition of «health»: «Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.» Since then, it has remained virtually unchanged. But the very wording of this concept suggests that you can have disease, for example, in a chronic condition, and at the same time feel comfortable and healthy. What should be remembered about health?

  1. The state of health is determined by three pillars: genes, nutrition and living conditions.
  2. Genes cannot be corrected (not yet!) but remember that many metabolic processes are compensated, and you can live to a very old age without the manifestation of the disease.
  3. Healthy eating involves balancing nutrients, portions, and eating habits, considering individual characteristics and preferences. Nothing harmful happens if there is no abuse of certain types of products and their quantity — everything should be in moderation. Moderately well-fed, moderately educated is an excellent model of a healthy person.
  4. “All diseases are from the nerves”, therefore it is important to understand that negative thinking, a negative psycho-emotional background is harmful to health.
  5. A person will never get sick with all existing diseases, so you don’t need to look for all the diseases in yourself according to the encyclopedic list, and copy those, that friends, colleagues, relatives, and half of the country “get sick”, because this is in trend.
  6. Prevention of diseases implies, first, a healthy lifestyle, and not the search for diseases. It is important to know whether there are risk factors for the occurrence of dangerous diseases, and from here to proceed in the creation of an individual plan for observation and examination.
  7. A healthy lifestyle includes a rational, healthy diet, physical activity, and positive thinking. All three components require responsibility and work on oneself and cannot be provided with extrasensory perception, drugs to increase immunity, all kinds of cleansing of the body, the expulsion of worms from the body before they appear in it, diligent sterilization of everything that concerns body, and other fashionable hobbies. Eat wisely, move often, and smile sincerely.
  8. No matter how “bad ecology” is blamed for the development of diseases, socio-economic conditions and the state of the health care system play a decisive role in maintaining and improving people’s health. Compensation for the shortcomings of living conditions can only be through a healthy lifestyle.
  9. If everything in people’s lives was so bad, then humanity would die out. It is necessary to increase your level of knowledge in order not to become a victim and a hostage of the «disease industry».
  10. In the modern market of medicines and other drugs, there is not a single drug that can rejuvenate and prolong life. Laughter prolongs life better than any medicine. Be happy!